Education and Leisure

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Right to Education and Leisure

In a long-term perspective, a better world where children’s dreams come true cannot be created without educated children and parents. Education is key to successfully fight poverty – not only at an individual level, but for a whole society or nation. Children’s right to education considers both aspects of access sibility and content in relation to Article 28 as well as Article 29 in the UNCRC.

ERIKS also recognises that the right to education is both substantive (a right in itself) and instrumental (valuable in realising other rights). Further, Article 31 of the UNCRC states that every child has the right to rest, leisure, play and recreational activities. All these aspects are to be considered as mutually reinforcing and contribute to children’s evolving capacity.

ERIKS has chosen to jointly present education and leisure as one thematic area – partly because ERIKS’ educational programmes and activities often include aspects of leisure and children’s meaningful spare time, and partly because education and leisure are interlinked and mutually reinforcing.