The Female Genital Mutilation Help Project

  • Changes attitudes about female genital mutilation.
  • Knowledge of health and hygiene.
  • Intensive schools for children who missed school start.
  • Get more kids to go to school and increase the quality of school.

Further reading

Genital mutilation is not prohibited by law in Mali and over 80% of girls are still exposed to this terrible tradition. The procedure is performed by traditional circumcision without stunning or sterile instruments. The risk of severe bleeding and infections is high, as well as complications later in life. Child mortality is among the highest in the world, about every fifth child dies before 5 years of age.

Children die of unnecessary diseases that are easy to prevent; malaria, air infections and diarrhea. Malnutrition and lack of care are often a contributing factor to the disease being fatal.

Clean water, latrines and knowledge of hygiene and health would reduce childhood mortality drastically. The school system is weak and only one fifth of the girls continue to high school, many do not even get the chance to start school.

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