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ERIKS Development Partner

We strive to work in accordance with the spirit of our founder Erik Nilsson


ERIKS Development Partner was founded in 1967, but the history of the organisation started far earlier. The founder of the organisation, Erik Nilsson, was born 1929 in the region of Småland. Suffering from haemophilia since birth, Erik was bedridden and hospitalized during reoccurring long periods of his childhood.

When Erik was hospitalized he realized that he was not alone, there were many other children who also suffered from serious diseases and had to spend long periods at hospital far away from family and friends.

Instead of feeling pity for himself, he started to encourage other sick children through letter greetings and small gifts. Erik received names and addresses for children who were in hospital and in need of encouragement through a national radio programme called “Children´s postbox”. In order to be able to record as many names as possible, Erik wrote to the programme host Sven Jerring asking if he could read a little bit slower. When the radio profile read the letter, he assumed that the writer was an old man and therefore named the young boy Uncle Erik. When it later turned out to be a teenager, the nickname Uncle Erik had already sat down.

By 1946, when Erik was seventeen years old, his charity work was already established. A couple of years later, Eriks was interviewed in national radio and his work became known to the public. Gifts started to pour in from people around the country of Sweden.

Erik, known as Uncle Erik, died in 1966 only 37 years old. But the work he started continues and today thousands of vulnerable children and families around the world are given an opportunity for education and livelihood and are able to shape their own future.

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CONCORD Sweden is a platform made up of 63 Swedish civil society organizations. Together we work for a more just and sustainable world by influencing Swedish and European foreign and development policies.


EU-CORD is a network of European Christian Relief and Development NGOs. We are made up of member organisations – 24 NGOs that work alongside over 1,000 implementing partners worldwide.


SMC is a Swedish umbrella organisation for churches and development organisations that upholds a framework agreement with Sida. ERIKS funding from Swedish government is channelled through SMC.


The National Forum for Voluntary Organizations is an umbrella organization for civil society organizations working within the social sphere in Sweden.


The Swedish Fundraising Council (FRII, Frivilligorganisationernas Insamlingsråd), is the professional membership body for fundraising organisations in Sweden.

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